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Jump into fun with Sky Jumpers The Forbidden Flats

The town of White Rock has always lived in fear of the deadly gas known as “Bomb’s Breath,” but now it’s up to Hope to find the one thing that may stop the danger for good. SLJ said of the first book, “[readers] not ready for the violence of ‘The Hunger Games’ will enjoy the book’s adrenaline-rushed daredevil adventures.” – School Library Journal   Sky Jumpers
Escape one danger. Jump into another. . . . In Sky Jumpers The Forbidden Flats (book 2)  by Peggy Eddleman, twelve-year-old Hope has always felt a little different from everyone else who lives in White Rock. She tries hard, but she doesn’t always think before she acts. She takes big risks. Sometimes her risks pay off, but sometimes they fail. Sometimes she fails. Hope knows that the most dangerous thing about living in White Rock is that it’s so close to the deadly Bomb’s Breath—the invisible, fifteen-foot-thick band of compressed air that’s hovered over the earth since the Green Bombs of World War III.
The citizens of White Rock live in fear of the Bomb’s Breath. Only Hope has figured out a way to go through it—and lived to tell the tale.But when a massive tremor rips across the earth, the Bomb’s Breath begins to lower over White Rock. It’s up to Hope and her friends Brock and Aaren to make the dangerous journey far from home, across the bandit-ridden Forbidden Flats to the wilds of the Rocky Mountains, and obtain the one thing that may be able to stop it—before the Bomb’s Breath sinks too far and destroys them all. This time, Hope can’t fail.
YPP reviewer Quinn wrote:
In this second book by Peggy Eddleman, the main character, Hope, finds her community once again in danger and sets out with others to find the solution in saving them.  I enjoyed the journey with the characters in the world woven for them by the author.  My daughter and I recommend checking out the Sky Jumper books if you are looking for a good story.

A Creature of Moonlight is fairy-tale fantasy at its best

“This book’s greatest strength lies in the vivid woodland scenes and the rich detail that describes the mystical pieces of Marni’s tale.” —School Library Journal

creatureAs the only heir to the throne, Marni should have been surrounded by wealth and privilege, not living in exile—but now the time has come when she must choose between claiming her birthright as princess of a realm whose king wants her dead, and life with the father she has never known: a wild dragon who is sending his magical woods to capture her.

Fans of Bitterblue and Seraphina will be captured by a Creature of Moonlight, with its richly layered storytelling and the powerful choices its strong heroine must make.

Our new reviewer Quinn adds:

The main character Marni is someone I felt I could relate to.  Her sense of self and determination to make her own decisions reminds me of myself when I was younger.  I loved the beautiful way the author takes you on a journey with her main character as Marni tries to make sense of her world, make the best choices for her and the future. There is magic in this story.

“Marni is the sole heir to a kingdom surrounded by a dangerous wood ruled by a powerful dragon and full of fantastic creatures, alluring magic, and trees whose seductive song lures young girls to abandon village life and run away to the forest,” says Sarah Hunter  of Booklist.

But instead of taking her rightful place on the throne, Marni is doomed to live in exile: her father is the dragon, and her mother was murdered for her transgression. When Marni’s grandfather—her sole protector—dies, and she’s sent to the court of her uncle, the king, she gets a taste of what a purely human life would be like. She can’t resist the call of the forest though, and soon, despite diligently planning to avenge her mother’s death, she seeks out her father in the woods. Told in a languorous, breathy first-person narrative, Hahn’s debut novel follows tenacious Marni as she tries to find a home between two vastly different worlds. Patient fantasy fans will appreciate this lyrical, character-driven story about a unique girl learning to find her place in an inhospitable world.

“A dreamlike, poetic fantasy bildungroman explores the power of choice and the meaning of home … Hahn’s debut is cumulatively stunning” —Kirkus, starred review

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