Better Health Begins Here at Evergreen Chiropractic

Most people think of a chiropractor as someone who fixes back pain, headaches, neck pain etc. It is true. But, it doesn’t end or begin there. The first chiropractic adjustment restored deafness. It can help with infantile colic to aging gracefully. The nervous system is the master system, it travels through the spine. A healthy…

Group strives to wipe out Kenyan poverty

BOISE — Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope is a Boise-based organization that wants to eradicate poverty in Kenya by helping orphans, children of widows and those from abject poverty with high school tuition costs, the Idaho Press Tribune reports. Today in Kenya, 56 percent of the people earn less than a dollar a day….

#beatcoachpete could be the biggest field ever #photo

Off they go to #beatcoachpete could be the biggest field ever.… — Justin Corr (@JCorrKTVB) April 13, 2013 I’m heading over to the finish line. How many people will Beat Coach Pete this year? #beatcoachpete — YoungPeoplesPavilion (@Young_Pavilion) April 13, 2013  

Liveblog: Follow the Beat Coach Pete Race Here!

by Michael Strickland “The Book Bear” It is rainy in Boise, but that hasn’t stopped people from marching in for this race. A representative from Boise State university recreation services just confirmed to me that 2,200 people have registered. I’m here and will be doing a Liveblog. My posts will be on our Twitter account….

Young People’s Pavilion to Serve as Official Liveblog for Beat Coach Pete Race

by Michael Strickland “The Book Bear” BOISE, ID: Alain Rodrigue,  Associate Director of Recreational Sports at Boise State University, announced that YOUNG PEOPLE’S PAVILION will be the official blog of the Beat Coach Pete Scholarship Run/Walk. We will be updating you with facts, opportunities to give, restaurant promotions and donations, and other colorful commentary before,…