Group strives to wipe out Kenyan poverty

BOISE — Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope is a Boise-based organization that wants to eradicate poverty in Kenya by helping orphans, children of widows and those from abject poverty with high school tuition costs, the Idaho Press Tribune reports. Today in Kenya, 56 percent of the people earn less than a dollar a day….

Blended learning – the convergence of teaching strategies and technology

The J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation announced a $5 million grant to establish a pair of Doceõ Centers for Innovation + Learning at two Idaho universities, one public and one private.  The Doceõ Centers at the University of Idaho and Northwest Nazarene University will focus on blended learning – the convergence of teaching strategies and…

The Common Core: Teaching K-5 Students to Meet the Reading Standards

This essential resource, The Common Core: Teaching K-5 Students to Meet the Reading Standards,  explains the key points of the CCSS reading standards, then aligns each Standard with appropriate research-based strategies, and shows you how to use those strategies to teach your students. Classroom applications and student examples will make this your go to CCSS resource….

Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two

“It has always been with a sense of awe that I have regarded those who have either voluntarily or involuntarily, assumed the role of guardians of life and liberty, by taking an oath to preserve and defend the Constitution against enemies, foreign and domestic.,” writes Richard Larsen in the Idaho State Journal: I’m deeply moved…

The maternal effect: How mother deer protect their future kings

Do mothers invest more care in their sons if they believe their child is destined to be a king, president or a high-powered leader? The answer is definitively yes – as long as those mothers and their sons happen to have hooves. It always comes up when people are comparing their most traumatic movie experiences:…