Young People’s Pavilion: Great New Poetry Picks

I’m pleased to share these great poetry picks, all out just in time for April, National Poetry Month. 
Click here for a downloadable Poetry Kit, which includes discussion questions, a Sensory Simile exercise, Personification Poem instructions, and much more. Please contact me for review copies or additional information.

Lullaby (for a Black Mother)

by Langston Hughes, illustrated by Sean Qualls

| Ages 4–8 |

Qualls’ luminous art perfectly complements Hughes’ beloved poem in an irresistible celebration of poetry and the love between mother and baby.

Forest Has a Song

by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, illustrated by Robbin Gourley

| Ages 6–9 |

Short, lighthearted poems about the forest and its animals, plants, and seasonal changes

Gone Fishing

by Tamera W. Wissinger, illustrated by Matthew Cordell

| Ages 6–9 |

Nine-year-old Catfish Sam captures a day of adventure in his net—and in verse—in this unique novel told through poems and comic illustrations

The Candy Smash

by Jacqueline Davies

| Ages 9–12 |

Poignant and funny, the fourth book in the Lemonade War Series explores the distinctive power of poetry and love—fourth-grade style.

The Lightening Dreamer

by Margarita Engle

| Ages 12 and up|

A fictionalized account of Cuban folk hero, abolitionist, and women’s rights pioneer Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, told in verse by Newbery Honor—winner Margarita Engle.

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