This Funny and Heartfelt Novelization of the Highly Anticipated Movie-Musical with Original Songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda will have Readers Singing and Laughing Along!

Vivo, the highly anticipated animated movie-musical with original songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda, will soon be dancing onto Netflix! “It was a beautiful day in Havana, Cuba. The ocean waves danced lightly on the shore, while the people of the city started waking. Locals began opening up their shops as tourists strolled the colorful streets.” This…

From the Creator of “Fake Blood” Comes Another Exceptionally Charming Kiddle Grade Graphic Novel About Friendships Both Near and Far, Far Away

Vega’s summer vacation is not going well. When her parents decide it’s time to pack up and leave her hometown of Portland, Oregon, behind for boring Seattle, Washington, Vega is more than upset—she’s downright miserable. Forced to leave her one and only best friend, Halley, behind, Vega is convinced she’ll never make another friend again….