Illustrator Ralph Masiello reveals a spritely world of fluttering fairies

spacer 9781570915390_p0_v2_s260x420In Ralph Masiello’s Fairy Drawing Book, the illustrator and author reveals a spritely world of fluttering fairies in his popular drawing series. Step-by-step diagrams show young artists how to draw tiny fairies, a fairy godmother, a fairy princess, a garden fairy, and more. Challenge steps encourage kids to add fairy accessories and details. A fairy-fete conclusion celebrates the wide-variety of pixies.

This is such a beautiful book! I received it as a gift for my 7 year old and she has been drawing since she got it. Step by step easy to follow directions. At the begining she was just copying but now she is braver and she is changing the faries. She loves his robot book, too. – Amazon review

Wave your wand and off you go into a world of fluttering fairies!

With the help of Ralph Masiello, young artists have learned how to draw bugs, dinosaurs, dragons, robots, roosters and pigs, seahorses and sharks, pyramids and sphinxes, pumpkins and ghouls. Next up: the wonderful world of fairies.

From tiny fairies to fairy godmothers, Ralph Masiello has compiled a wide range of these fascinating creatures. Some are instantly recognizable, like the Tooth Fairy, while others, such as the Hairy Fairy, are products of Masiello’s imagination, encouraging children to branch out with creations of their own.

Bonus steps include instructions on how to draw whimsical wands, handy purses, or fetching flowers. Back matter includes a list of books and websites for fairy-loving readers to check out for inspiration, or just to enjoy while drawing fairy creatures of their own.

This book is good for your brain because it provides:
An introduction to drawing, art appreciation, exploration of a child’s imagination and creativity

From Ralph Masiello

My Official Bio
Ralph was born, raised, and still resides in the state of Massachusetts where he lives with his daughters Alexa and Talia. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA, Illustration, 1985), Ralph has illustrated for magazines, newspapers and books, created posters and prints, and shown his fine art paintings in galleries throughout the world. Beginning with The Icky Bug Alphabet Book in 1986, Ralph has has become internationally known for the children’s books he’s written and illustrated. Since 1987, he has visited over 2,400 schools all over the world, inspiring children with his life story, humor, and art. While visiting schools, he is often inspired himself by the enthusiasm, creativity, and hard work of the students and teachers. This led him to create his unique “How to Draw” book series. The most recent, Ralph Masiello’s Halloween Drawing Book was released in July 2012 to rave reviews. In 2011, his work appeared in a strange and mysterious book called The Mystic Phyles: Beasts, which was the first in a series of books sure to become instant classics.
As of now, 20 how to draw books are scheduled to be completed as a series.

My Unofficial Bio
In 1961, the year of the Ox, I was hatched from an opal colored dragon egg that lay in a dung heap on a skunk cabbage farm near my parent’s house. Taking pity on me, they raised me as one of their own, but always wondered about me. They knew I was “different” from my brothers somehow.

* I ate Brussel sprouts.
* I liked the color purple.
* I liked to watch television standing on my head.
* I played with toy knights, not those green plastic toy soldiers that my brothers enjoyed.
* I drew pictures while hiding under my bed, where I talked with my friend, Charlie Pistachio, the little nut man who lived under my radiator (heater).
* I stared at the clouds for hours on end.
* I went to the College for Children Born from Dragons where I studied Artistic Alchemy. I graduated and became the Grand Poobah of the Artistic Wizards Guild.
* Through a mixture of mythology and alchemy, my two daughters were born after hatching from a similar egg lying in a dung heap.

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