Donna Marie Merritt’s new collection of poems begs to be read aloud


“Donna Marie Merritt’s new collection begs to be read aloud—these poems are not just treats for the mind and heart, but for the tongue as well. There is an energetic tumbling of rhythm and rhyme, playful observations of nature, moments of deep comfort and passion, and the ongoing loving struggle of capturing feelings with words. Her House is filled with delicious morsels for the poetic palate.” — Dave Morrison: Poet; Author of eight poetry collections, including Fail (2012)

This cover, designed by the artist graces the front of a new book by Donna Marie Merritt. Wendell’s art has been featured on the covers of books by Pat Conroy, Barbara Delinsky, David McCullough, Nora Roberts, Jodi Picault and many more.

“Here we have an eye open to the world, that poem by poem brings that world into view for all to see, and to be nurtured by.” — David Kherdian: Poet, Novelist, Memoirist; Author of Gatherings: Selected and Uncollected Writings (2011)

Merritt is the author of the “Poetry for Tough Times” series: WHAT’S WRONG WITH ORDINARY? POEMS TO CELEBRATE LIFE (2012); CANCER, A CAREGIVER’S VIEW (2011); and JOB LOSS, A JOURNEY IN POETRY (2010). Her work has appeared in magazines, school reading programs, and American Library Association’s BOOK LINKS. Her poems have also been included in several anthologies: CADUCEUS, volumes 9 and 10, by the Yale Medical Group (2012, 2013); OLIVES, NOW AND THEN: poems in honor of Donald Hall by the Connecticut Poetry Society (2011); and DEAR ONE: A Tribute to Lee Bennett Hopkins by the National Council of Teachers of English (2009).

She  is also the author of 15 award-winning math and science books for children.

Merritt’s newest book of poetry, HER HOUSE AND OTHER POEMS,  is due to be released in June 2013 by Stairwell Books.

“I get a marvellous sense of Merritt – I feel as if I know her.” — Della Collins Cook.

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