In The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story (Berenstain Bears/Living Lights), 9780310720874the Bear cubs and Papa are candy-crazy this Easter! But Mama, with help from Papa, tells the cubs about Jesus’ resurrection and shows them that salvation is much sweeter than candy.  The book includes a colorful sticker set.

Stan and Jan Berenstain introduced the first Berenstain Bear books in 1962. Mike Berenstain grew up watching his parents work together to write about and draw these lovable bears. Eventually he started drawing and writing about them too. Though Stan died in 2005, and Jan in 2012, Mike continues to create the delightful Bear adventures from the family home and studio in Pennsylvania, in an area that looks much like the sunny dirt road deep in Bear Country.

The books feature a family of anthropomorphic bears who generally learn a moral or safety-related lesson in the course of each story. Since the debut of the first Berenstain Bears book, The Big Honey Hunt, the series has grown to over 300 titles, which have sold approximately 260 million copies in 23 languages.

Following Jan Berenstain’s death in 2012, acclaimed children’s author Jerry Spinelli said that “the Berenstains made a wonderful and lasting contribution to children’s literature.” Author and professor Donna Jo Napoli said, “Those bears have helped so many children through so many kinds of challenges that kids face, in such a cheerful and kind of energetic way.” The Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri wrote that the books were “timeless, timely, and kind-hearted, like all the best literature,” and acknowledged the Post’s 1989 piece by saying, “This is one of the times the kids have the right idea …”.