Young People’s Pavilion: Barack Obama “We Are One People”

51c0jhmKFGL._SY300_Barack Obama’s meteoric rise from little-known state senator from Illinois to the first African-American president of the United States is one of the most amazing success stories in history. From his childhood in Hawaii all the way to the White House, this title includes revised and updated information through the historic inauguration of the 44th president.

In Barack Obama: “We Are One People” (African-American Biographies (Enslow)) [Library Binding], Michael A. Schuman delivers a straightforward biography of our president that is a cut above most nonfiction series books.

An excellent resource, this will be welcome by those who are too young to read Obama’s two memoirs, for school reports as well as casual reading. The book is filled with biographical information about Obama’s life. It is moving and readable title for middle school collections. For high schoolers, the uncomplicated prose may have special appeal to report writers who are also reluctant readers.

Below are some suggested prompts for teachers to give students, for writing assignments about this book:

Tell about the influences in Obama’s early life that developed his personality and character. What were his talents? What were some experiences that might have foreshadowed that the young Obama would become president of the United States?

Describe Obama’s major accomplishments. What failures or obstacles did he encounter?

Write about Obama’s personality and character. What are his well-known traits and ideals? What are some little-known qualities that you learned about? Did the author characterize him as perfect, or give you insights into his mistakes and faults?

If you could meet Obama today, what two important questions would you ask him? How do you think he would answer?

Write a persuasive paragraph answering the following question: Would you recommend Barack Obama: “We Are One People” to a friend? Give specific reasons to support your position.

This book should be read by anyone who wonders who is this president, where does he stand, and what is in his past and present.”
–Children’s Literature

With writing that is clear and well researched, and information is very accessible, Barack Obama: “We Are One People” is a very good resource for upper elementary and older readers in need of high interest material.


Read this alternative viewpoint about Barack Obama from Richard Larsen in the Idaho State Journal.

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