Bebop Books: Common Core Now Supported

image_overview_bebopThis comprehensive literacy program includes resources for guided reading, classroom libraries, shared reading, assessment and ESL/Dual Language programs. Explore our site to learn more about how Bebop Books can help your children succeed in their reading efforts.

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Common Core State Standards
Our Bebop titles support the new K-5 Common Core State Standards. For every title, rigorous, reading-level appropriate decoding and comprehension questions for both Literature and Informational Text have been provided, targeting:

  • Key Ideas and Details
  • Craft and Structure
  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
  • Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity

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Guided Reading
Bebop Books are carefully leveled texts that appeal to children’s interests and provide the supports they need as they face challenges in their development as readers. All books are leveled by the most common book leveling systems used by teachers ensuring appropriate matches between children and books. Our titles cover a wide range of concepts, themes, and interest areas that appeal to children and fit right into your daily reading block.

Perfect for small groups, Bebop Books include leveled sets that meet the needs of your emergent readers and comprehensive lesson plans to guide your instruction. Our literacy materials provide opportunities in guided practice, scaffolded learning, independent sustained reading, and comprehension applications. In addition, all books contain text features that support emergent reader strategies, skills, and behaviors such as:

  • Topics familiar to children
  • High-frequency words, sight words and decodable words
  • Simple patterns and a clear sequence of events
  • Extensive vocabulary and more!

Lesson Plans
Our Guided Reading Lesson Plans promote authentic reading, writing, listening, and speaking experiences and are free for classroom use.

Leveled Library
Build and continually revitalize your classroom library with Bebop Books! Our extensive collections cover all of your classroom library needs by meeting national curriculum standards in Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and Math, as well as providing dual language practice, and satisfying multicultural interests.

Bebop Books are available from levels A-S. See Grade Level/Book Level Correlation chart.

Meeting Criteria for Reading First Programs Are you a reading first School? Supplement and enrich your daily reading block with Bebop Books. Our titles focus on the five essential components of reading and meet the guidelines of the Reading First/No Child Left Behind initiative.

Bebop Books is proud to have its books included in the Teachers College Alternative Reading Assessment for Grades K-2. Developed by some of our nation’s top educators, the complete assessment program will provide a trustworthy system for tracking and supporting children’s growth in literacy. The assessment kit includes twenty-two Bebop titles for use in grades K, 1, and 2, running records, student profiles, teacher scripts and tips, and assessment charts.

New York City schools can place an order using the NYC FAMIS form. Be sure to indicate NYC Vendor #: LEE075000 and NYC Contract #: 7000509. All other schools and school districts must use the Teachers College form.

Shared Reading
Practice shared reading in your classroom with Bebop dual language lap books. Lap books allow students to practice reading behaviors of proficient readers with the support of teacher and peers. A strong shared reading experience can help:

  • Build on prior knowledge
  • Promote print awareness
  • Develop oral language
  • Foster critical thinking and imagination

ELL/Dual Language
Libros en español
English Language Learners need the same literacy support as native speakers. Bebop Books recognizes the need for quality leveled books in Spanish, as well as English in today’s schools. We offer many Spanish / dual language editions of our existing children’s books. Young readers will find stories with familiar ideas and events, as well as stories with new information that will build on their knowledge base. Most importantly, the diversity of the stories ensures that all children see themselves reflected in stories that are fun to read.

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