BYU Idaho offers an overview of online learning: advantages, strengths, and limits

High School juniors and seniors can begin their BYU-Idaho education online at a significantly lower cost while still in high school. Learn more.


Here are some thoughts about online learning, from the university’s website:

Click on image to read more about this book
Click on image to read more about this book


Recommended Reading: Online Learning: A User-Friendly Approach for High School and College Students

In every online class, some students are wildly successful, some earn average or slightly below-average grades, some barely pass, some fail, and some drop out. Whatever a student’s age, situation, or lifestyle, everything needed for successfully completing an online class is right here in this book. Each chapter covers a specific element of online learning and provides the new online student with practical strategies and how-to information so that any student can go into an online classroom prepared to succeed.


This book has strategies and tips that every online professor wants students to know before they sign up for an online class. Bowman has provided a reference tool for students to develop self-directed learning skills that will help them become secure and knowledgeable about technology, studying, communicating online, and getting work done on time.


It is important to understand that online learning is a delivery method not an ideology.

Online courses have the same learning outcomes as campus courses. In fact the same faculty that created the campus course created the online version.

Online courses leverage the power of the learning model to help students take ownership of their own education and facilitate lifelong learning.

Watch this video about deep learning in online courses.

Knowing how to learn effectively online and use technology is critical in today’s workplace. Students who take online courses are better prepared to live in a world that is based on technology.

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