81 Journaling Prompts That Will Break Creative and Emotional Ruts: (and Get You Thinking Productively)

Click on image to read more about this title
Click on image to read more about this title

Start exploring your subconscious desires, and break out of creative and emotional blocks with the help of this book

81 Journaling Prompts  That Will Break Creative and Emotional Ruts: (and Get You Thinking Productively)

Journaling is a great way not only to express yourself, but perhaps more importantly to peak into your own inner world that you may not be explicitly aware of. Many of the creative blocks, emotional ruts and other holdups that we go through in life can be addressed by daily journaling, allowing us to lay bare our subconscious hangups in a stream of consciousness way that no one else ever has to see.

This book’s aim is to make that process as smooth as possible by jogging your imagination and memory for topics that might represent major breakthroughs if they are appropriately explored.

This process is potentially a LOT of fun and extremely revealing. Pick up a copy of this book today and give it a shot. You just may improve your life quite substantially!

Writing can never be overrated to those who fully know what its effects are to the mental, emotional, and even spiritual aspects of a person. This book immediately had me at introduction. It didn’t seem like it was rush, quite the contrary, there’s so much thought given to each sentences in the introduction which I really admire and appreciate. If you haven’t tried journaling before, this can be your perfect guide in doing that. It encourages you to go back to some events in your life and use it to fuel your writing. It works for me and could work for others too. The questions being asked are very reflective and unlike other journaling prompts I’ve encountered, it’s not something I could just fill in the blanks. The answers require complete thought and that, for me, is better because it improves your memory, reasoning, and writing. This book is highly recommended! – Hanna Banks

Here is a list of other suggested titles:

Write to make it right: How Journaling can lead to a happier, more fulfilled life (Journal Writing, Journaling, Journal Prompts) by Lakeysha-Marie Green

365 Journal Writing Ideas: A year of daily journal writing prompts, questions & actions to fill your journal with memories, self-reflection, creativity & direction. by Rossi Fox

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