Poetry Time With Charles Waters

Meet actor and poet Charles Waters:



Poetry column: Joy erupts into poetry explosion, promotes literacy

For The Evening Sun


Katie Lasky and Charles Waters, two treasures of humanity employed by Poetry Alive!, spent the past couple weeks involving Adams County students in the memorization and performance of poetry by noted poets past and present.

Students work collaboratively to break poems into dramatic presentations complete with characters, dialog, and setting – all taken from the text of the poems. Kids and adults have so much fun getting lost in the creativity that abounds, even in multiple presentations of the same poem.

Lasky and Waters possess such electricity that the federal government should tap them as an alternative energy source.

The theatric partners spontaneously broke into performance in KClinger’s dining room as though they were playing on stage to a crowd of hundreds.

They were hilarious, complementing one another and building off one another’s banter enough to arouse rapt attention, laughter, and applause from perfect strangers. Lasky herself is a former stand-up comedienne.

Waters, whose extensive background includes Shakespearean performances and whose glass was filled with ginger ale all evening, initiated the evening’s performance art with a dramatic, booming rendition to the whole of the establishment, making even the jukebox pale in decibel level. It’s easy to see that his love for children’s poetry has influenced the humor and encouragement behind this poem …


In this video, Charles performs the following children’s poems: I wear mommy’s dress, Good News! Good News! and I Love Pie


MORE INFO IS AVAILABLE AT www.charleswaters.net/

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