The Urban Liason Magazine Provides Great Writing Samples for Intermediate, Secondary and College Students

7-im-CurrentIssueImg-6726 I have been fortunate to use The Urban Liaison Magazine with my various writing and communication classes for several years.

The writing is snazzy, clear, correct and concise. It taps into themes and issues that are important to all types of consumers. By using a local angle, the essays and wonderful graphics keep my students engaged and provide powerful springboards for discussion.

This  bi-monthly, community lifestyle magazine features the entire Treasure Valley, from Boise to Weiser. We offer complementary magazines to our readers which are distributed to over 700 businesses throughout the valley.

And during this time of massive cutback in education, you can’t beat the price for these classroom materials:


Cheryl Richard, publisher and founder, created the first 12 page magazine 4 years ago with the goal–to be a support system for the small businesses of downtown Nampa. In three short years the magazine expanded to include all of Canyon County. After the expansion into Weiser last year, plans to expand the magazine into Boise quickly began. The UL magazine is now between 68-72 pages. This immense growth is based upon the UL’s insistence upon their guiding philosophy–to be a support system to small businesses.

She wrote:

Our advertisers are promoted with a variety of ad options within our magazine and the magazine is also posted on our website and Facebook page. The featured stories in every issue are powerful tools that generate awareness for our advertisers business’s which brings new customers into their doors. Along with advertising in the magazine, the Urban Liaison will feature your business in our online directory, and provide a variety of posts and referrals through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, which aim to educate our followers about our advertisers.

The magazine is centered around telling our advertisers story; as a result all of our advertisers who purchase a half page ad or larger,  that commit to the magazine for 6 issues  will  receive a story on their business! The additional articles feature interesting, positive pieces on our local community which includes non profits, events, festivals, music, and other local talent. While reading through each issue you will be inspired by our insistence on Local Living. We are the leader in Support Local in regards to print media.

The Urban Liaison features some of the most talented writers and graphic designers in the Treasure Valley which results in a beautiful, creative, and innovate product that will capture the story of your business in a way that resonates with readers. We offer the lowest prices in the valley for a full color, glossy, high end magazine. We’re one of very few publications that print 15,000 magazine per issue, with the intention to print 20,000 by next year, as advertising allows.

The sole reason behind the magazine’s existence is to act as a voice for local business owners. A place to brand themselves, and create an image of their business, without breaking the bank during the process. If you want to brand your business and educate the consumers in the Treasure Valley, the Urban Liaison Magazine is the perfect solution to your marketing needs!

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