Michelle Witte: “Big Isn’t Always Better”

The following is an excerpt from a blog entry by Michelle is an author, editor, and literary agent Michelle Witte,

“Publishing is in flux,” Michelle writes.  “Anyone who pays attention to the industry knows that. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With change comes opportunity, and some of the smaller independent publishers out there are in a prime position to innovate and try different strategies that the big guys don’t have the flexibility to do. So today I’d like to highlight some of the smaller publishers I see doing exciting things, and as I specialize in kidlit, these are all publishers of children’s or young adult books.”

Carolrhoda Lab

?????I’m a big fan of the deeply distinctive books that editorial director Andrew Karre selects for this YA imprint of Lerner books. Since his tastes run similar to mine—dark, quirky, weird, awesome—I’ve paid special attention to their offerings over the past few years. More than that, though, is Karre’s vision of what makes good literature for teens, and his ability to bring that out in writers. (Note: They don’t accept queries from unagented writers.)

Some of the most innovative titles in YA are coming from Carolrhoda Lab, including R.J. Anderson’s Ultraviolet, told from the perspective of a girl who feels colors and tastes words (an actual condition called Synesthesia), and that isn’t the weirdest aspect of the novel, by far. The imprint also published the US edition for one of my favorite books ever, Savannah Grey by Cliff McNish.

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