Med Free Bipolar by Aspen Morrow @aspenleaf Will Help Parents of Struggling Children

1471357_569433466444409_966001764_nWhat does it really mean to LIVE med free?

Does it mean crazy highs and dark lows, a moody personality that destroys everyone around you?


It also does not mean living out of control, giving into your moods, or burdening others so that you can have your euphoric ‘highs’. It means living a life where if you did not choose to share your diagnosis, no one would know.

It means living in a waythat you can enjoy the personality that you have been given without feeling deadened, out of control, or hopeless; in other words, “normal”, but better somehow. Because I think being bipolar does make you a little exceptional (if you disagree, that is another day topic). Could you imagine? No shame, no doctors, no med management, no blood tests, no hospitals, no out-of-control symptoms, and NO SIDE EFFECTS!!!

Morrow writes:

Liza Long (See: I am not Adam Lanza’s Mother in the Blue Review) is a friend of mine, and when we met for coffee to talk about her upcoming book, I could not help but wonder when the other issues of mental illness would be discussed. Like the fact that there are currently 3 broken options for those diagnosed: #1: Meds with side effects that can cause the problems meant to fix, #2: Unmedicated: not good for most… #3: Self Medication with drugs, alcohol, credit cards, or risky behaviors. My proposed OPTION #4: A natural treatment that reduces rage first, then other symptoms quickly, works for most, is inexpensive and easily accessible. #mentalillnessisfixable

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