A tiny itsy bitsy gift of life, an egg donor story

Click on image to read more about this title
Click on image to read more about this title

A tiny itsy bitsy gift of life, an egg donor story is a  touching children’s egg donor story about a happy couple of rabbits, Pally and Comet who have everything in life except a baby bunny, you accompany them in their longing for this child, the waiting and the moment the mother is informed she has no eggs to conceive. One day a good lady rabbit brings her a tiny itsy bitsy gift of life, which is the egg, the half, she needs to conceive. The rabbit s tummy then begins to grow and finally her baby bunny is born and the happiness of how this family is formed is shared. The book is very colourful and ideal for children even before they can read, because the pictures are so full of details it easily captures the child s attention. It is my intention that the book should be easy for parents to read to their child so that gradually, as the child grows they will begin to understand their origins, in an easy and amusing manner.

“Carmen, My friend, just met you at a conference and she shared your book with me,” an amazon reviewer wrote. “It is very cute and wonderful. I am in need of something like this for my two year old son. Thank you so much for writing this special book for mommies like myself. It will make it so much easier for me to share my sons story with him if I start the process now and he is never surprised about how he came into this world.”

Another said: “Carmen, At our last Donor Moms Meeting a week ago, a lady had your book “An Itsy Bitsy Gift of Life” A children’s egg donor story and I just LOVED it! I feel this is the BEST book for telling “my 3 sons” the wonderful story of how much they are loved. Our sons(4 years, 2 years and 4 months) just love for us to read to them. Thank you so much for writing this book and also for the tips in storytelling. I also really enjoyed looking at your paintings.”

And Tracy Foote added:

As a surrogate mom, I am always intrigued with the creative ideas authors have come up with to explain infertility to children at a young age. This book explains in simple terms, the concept of egg donation.

It begins simple enough with the desire to have a child and that two parts are needed, one from a male and one from a female. (You will not find graphic sperms and eggs here. This is an introduction book.) The idea is illustrated through comparison to a cookie, in the sense that one needs two cookie halves to make a whole. Later in the story two seeds connect together much like puzzle pieces making it very simple for children to understand.

We learn one has to wait to see if a baby will grow and of the sadness when the attempt fails. It is appropriate the lady rabbit knocking on the door with the “gift of life” is one they have never seen before. Often in egg donation or surrogacy, the helping female is a stranger. Nicely done!

There is no mention of the doctor. We move quickly to how the “gift of life” is connected with “the other tiny itsy bitsy half we need” from Comet (Daddy rabbit) and children are reminded of the two cookie halves again, nicely tying the story together.

After some time, the rabbits have a new baby, thus creating a family. The illustrations are fantastically bright through out which children will thoroughly enjoy. I see both parents and single moms and dads using this book to explain egg donation to their child at a young age.

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