Ocean Meets Sky by Terry Fan & Eric Fan (Quarto Kids)


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We truly hope we don’t sound disingenuous whilst drooling over this incomparable picture book. We had been waiting for the Fan Brothers next offering with great anticipation and had seen glimpses, but now it’s in our hands we can’t begin to tell you what a treasure this is.

Without doubt, this is positively one of the most serenely beautiful books you will hope to see and we don’t say that lightly. It’s one of our top 3 picture books of this year so far.

Ocean Meets Sky‘ is an arrestingly illustrated tale, coupled with a fantastical story. It’s an unfurling journey of discovery through the highly charged  imagination of a young boy.

As Finn sets out on an adventure initiated by his late grandfather, he encounters numerous magical visions from ‘an island of giant shells’ to ‘moon jellies dancing’ on his way to find where ocean meets sky.

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