Mommies’ Priceless Moments is “packed with lots of very different … very funny and lighthearted stories about motherhood”

2940012846266_p0_v1_s260x420Two years after its initial release, ‘Mommies’ Priceless Moments’ has helped thousands realize that the sick cycle of parenthood will one day become a bottomless fountain of memories. Written by Amanda Johnson, who was a debut author and first-time mom, the classic book is an evolving source of support for many whose little bundles of joy are as unpredictable as they are precious.

Tyson, No, No! Paint on the paper, not mommy’s book! Give me the paint brush. Thank you! Here’s your motorcycle, you can play with this instead…

Don’t worry, I managed to stop Tyson before he painted the rest of this book. The stories inside should still be legible. Tyson is my baby. He will interrupt you now and then as you read this book, but I’ll try to keep him quiet. He’s an active boy as you can see by the damage he has unleashed.

Inside you’ll find amazing true funny stories related by mothers and fathers about the antics of their young ones. If you are waiting for your little one to arrive, it is my hope these stories will help prepare you for what’s ahead. If you already have children, it may comfort you to realize you’re not the only parent who gets completely knocked off your feet by the things your child says and does.

This book shows the humor in situations that are not so funny when you’re the parent. I hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as I enjoyed collecting them. Go ahead and get started, Tyson and I will catch up to see how your reading is going. But first, I need to figure out how I am going to get this paint out of my carpet…

As the author explains, her book pays homage to life’s ultimate wake-up call.

“Like most, I had read the books, been to the classes and thought I was prepared for motherhood. Little did I know that my nineteen-inch baby would cover me in puke, urine and have me on my knees begging for mercy! However, as time went on, I knew that these harrowing incidents would one day form priceless memories,” says Johnson.

Continuing, “Being a mother is wonderful about 80% of the time…my book talks about the ugly 20% no one wants to highlight in fear people might think they are a bad mom.”

With the book now available in Barnes & Noble, Johnson is looking forward to a bright literary future.

“Most books don’t make it to Barnes & Noble, especially books with an alternative narrative. By expanding its availability I look forward to helping other parents prepare for their new little arrival and find humor instead of tears when it all becomes too much,” she adds.

To date, the book has attracted a string of rave reviews. For example, H. Jacobs commented, “What an excellent, fun and entertaining book. As a Mother myself, if there were ever a manual on what to expect when you are expecting, this would be the one. I love the Author’s relaxed and humorous writing style. I thoroughly enjoyed this book because if I didn’t nod while reading the stories I laughed out loud because of how funny and true it is.”

Johnson also maintains a popular and highly-engaging website. Providing parents with everything from vital book information to an opportunity to submit their own stories for publication, moms and dads are flocking in their droves to see what all of the fuss is about.

“ This book is packed with lots of very different….very funny and lighthearted stories about motherhood.” – Amazon review.

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